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Study materials can be anything like your notes from teachers, your jottings in class, anything really!. By creating a study material you have access to some interesting tools like presentation slides, fill in the gap or Multiple choice quizzes full blown revision test generated from the notes to ensure you're really prepared for that A!! Cool right!??!!?! Check out a some examples below:

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We believe you deserve to be understood, so we use your activity on our site to do just that. Our platform takes your academic strenghts, weaknesses, goals etc. into consideration to help give you academic tips on how, you're doing based on the you're activity and what steps you need to take to be at the top of your game academically. With us you are bound to succeed .

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Studying for exams or tests can be rough, there's so much to read and sometimes we don't even know where to start from . We get that and we're commited to helping you out. We use your activity, strenghts and weaknesses to create unique study plans for you based on your individuality. You'd never struggle preparing for tests with us again

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We take our job a step further by figuring out how best you learn and connecting you to content based on your learning patterns. say you need to learn simultaneous equation on our app, we figure out study materials you'd understand best and recommend it to you, as opposed to wasting time searching through study materials you might not understand.