Last Updated: June 1, 2019

About Us is not your average Nigerian start-up, it's a research spin off project from research clusters in Covenant University. splatt stands for SIMPLE PERSONALIZED AFFECTIVE LEARNING TOOLS. Splatt's objective is simple; helping student's around the world have the best personalized learning experience when learning anything. We provide students with various tools they can leverage on for learning and revision of academic content. while engaging these tools, we observe the user and figure out how best students learn and provide them with some other interesting services based on our understanding of them.All this is possible leveraging on top-notch education psychology and artificial intelligence research that goes on in covenant university. Our motivation at is anchored on the struggles students go through when learning, the issues they face with revision, with finding education content they would understand, knowing how prepared they are for tests or examinations and so much more. We've set out to solve this problems as we are passionate about students having the best learning experiences based on their individuality. Learn with to experience personalized learning at it's finest.

Splatt's Team Culture

Our objective is straightforward;We intend to make education convinient, accessible and ultimately give students the best personalised learning experience, thereby improving their lives at any point they are in their education journey. We have a knack for details, simplicity, effectiveness, efficiency and strive to deliver top-notch results. Quality matters a lot to us here at and we are very interested in maintaining high standards in everything we do. Here at splatt, we treat each other with respect, we show empathy on different issues as regards our workplace, encourage each other, engage in necessary conversations that help improve us as individuals, improve our products and the company as a whole. We value curiosity, humility, transparency, and collaboration among our staff as we believe this is the best these are attributes of decent people and that’s best for us as a company. We are actively working towards building an inclusive work environment where all employees can be their best, we employ people irrespective of their gender, religion, tribe, etc.